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Castings (from technical advice and development to the production of parts)

It is essential that the production of a part remains cost-effective in both the development phase and during construction. You can call upon our years of knowledge and experience to ensure this. We then join with you to develop a product that satisfies the highest of technical requirements while also proving cost-effective.

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General casting, special production

We are all too familiar with production and process optimisation and the inextricably bound waste reduction. A thorough and specific analysis is also of great importance here. On this basis we propose solutions to you that we convert into practice together with your team. Here we make use of all sorts of resources such as thermographic images and simulations of filling behaviour and hardening.

We can also trace any machine problems using strain measurements and by means of an ultrasound inspection on machine columns.

Finally, we can also support you with the design of foundries and casting units such as with the arrangement of the machines. We have also wide experience of the drawing up of permit applications.

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Scope and course of the training:
The employees attend a seminar at which they are further trained on the pressure casting process, basic knowledge of high pressure casting machines and resources for the production of aluminium high pressure die casting. The seminar comprises further theory training that is clarified using practical examples.

Most important subjects during the training:
a. Die casting mould
b. Parameters of the casting process
c. Types of defects during high pressure die casting and their causes

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